April Meeting – If Your Focus is Agile, You’re Wrong

Cost: Free (Registration is recommended. To register, email agileiowa-meetings@leantechniques.co, with the words “April Registration” as the subject)

Date/Time: Thursday, Apr 17, 2014 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Okoboji Grill
8481 Birchwood Ct
Johnston, Iowa 50131

Topic: If Your Focus is Agile, You’re Wrong

Some people have been practicing Agile for more than ten years. Some were practicing it before this collection of knowledge and behaviors received the “Agile” label. As expected, generations of people are just discovering Agile, what it is, when and why it matters. In every single case, when the focus is “being Agile”, “going Agile”, “scaling Agile” or “we are Agile”, the conversation is facing down the inevitable path of failure.

Join us to discuss the inarguable requirements of craftsmanship, systems thinking, selflessness and integrity. Then we’ll debate which comes first, Agile frameworks and results or integrity?

About The Speaker:

Matthew Edwards has spent the last nineteen years in various software systems engineering roles constantly working to discover what really matters while building teams, products and delivering value. In the beginning he believed it was all about the technology (even though tech is seriously super cool). Through the years he’s determined its really all about the people. Everything on his resume simply represents waypoints along the journey of learning to value people, discover truth and deliver value.

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